Novo Nordisk is a healthcare company that provides information about Growth Hormone Deficiency. How can we direct people affected by GHD to their website?
GHD affects more boys than girls so a lot of resources are geared towards boys. Girls with GHD are often left out of the conversation so this one's for the girls. 
Girls start worrying about their appearance from as young as 9 years old. When you're a young girl, fitting in is a big worry. It's easy to feel like an outsider if you look differently to your friends and your role models. 
How can we increase the representation of GHD?

A Problem
When young girls search GHD they are met with this.

When they search for a model with GHD that looks like them they are met with this.
What if ghd could use their platform to increase representation and awareness of GHD?

Big idea - ghd for GHD
The Novo Nordisk website will be part of the ghd website so when GHD is searched a relevant search will actually be at the top of the searches.
A Girl Gang Tik Tok community
Girls aged 9-13 spend their online time on Tik Tok. This platform is also great for raising awareness and educating a young audience on a plethora of topics. 
ghd will set up a Girl Gang page for girls with GHD to run. They will be able to create their own trends with the sound we created.
Below are some examples of how girls can spread positive messages and share their GHD hacks.
ghd's Tik Tok
In an effort to boost their self esteem, girls and mums will be sent limited edition straighteners so they can pamper themselves while recording their stories.
These videos will be posted on ghd's TikTok to raise awarenss of GHD within a context relevant to their brand.
A good hair day
Mums always put themselves last, especially when their kids need special attention. 
ghd will invite mums and girls affected by GHD to a pampering event where they can get their hair done and meet the girl gang community in real life. 
Making real change
The main aim with this idea is to make girls feel like they're not alone. To solve the problem of limited visibility when it comes to GHD, a photoshoot will be part of the event day.
The photos will be used by ghd so the next time girls with GHD are searching for someone that looks like them, they're met with this.
If only for one day, lets make GHD mean good hair day.
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