For the launch of Squashies' new Strawberry and Cream flavour, we encouraged scrollers to see the Squashies side of summer on social.
British summertime can be less than ideal but with Squashies by your side, every day is a good day!
Our new summer-ready look and feel was applied to sharable content, competitions and pack shots to spread the news about Squashies' new flavour on social.
In an ideal world, what else could we do?

To help people see the Squashies side of summer, we'd paint the world pink and white to celebrate the new flavours. 
We'd deep-fake these images and release them on social to jump on the 'real/fake' hype.
To further help people see the Squashies side of life, we'd create real-world events including a giant Squashies bouncy castle, 'beaches' in city centres and photo booths with Squashie filters.

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